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The stupidity and dishonesty of all of these officers is astounding and rightly self defeating. The authorities have to get up quickly ahead of the great individuals of those isles drop self-confidence from the policing method.

I’m not a photographer, and I do think you were dealt with unfairly. I don’t get the place this rigorous worry of photography has originate from, considering that just about all the things are available on-line, and if a terrorist wished to photograph a thing, all they would have to do is be additional circumspect. Harassing photographers will by no means stop terrorism. It basically promotes it.

Anyways, glad you arrived from it fairly ok, many thanks for the excellent reporting, And that i hope you obtain the apologies you have earned.

one. Blow up the entire world trade Heart and tell Anyone the terrorists are coming. ( Very like Hitler burning down the Reichstag while in the 30s being an excuse to kick off witht he Polish).

I do think Most likely try to be arrested again for squandering police time, with your apparent ambition of getting personal publicity and/or monetary achieve. Halt actively playing the victim and squandering peoples time.

The irony of your Medway Council staff not figuring out on their own and officers Talking of “threats of terroism” and “Bizarre moments ” clearly speaks for itself

“These times” aren't any different to any other occasions; the problems to become dealt with won't be designed simpler by simply handing in excess of the dictation of ideal and wrong to persons in uniforms, whatever the apparent excellent of their intentions.

You have articulated you pretty very well inside your letter of complaint and hope that you will in truth hold us up-to-date with any even more motion. I want you the best.

I am staggered at this Even though not shocked, it would appear that latest periods this nations police pressure have transformed their ideas from innocent till verified guilty to guilty until demonstrated harmless.

Definitely absurd – wholly highlights the ignorance widespread during a large amount of the police (as well as PCSOs) out there.

Cheers for chipping in Anyone. Glad it’s not just me that thinks just how I do about these challenges. Many thanks for becoming so considerate in what you all have to say. check here BTW I obtained a very encouraging response this early morning from Lord Carlile (The independent watch with the implementation of anti-terrorism legislation) whose taken an desire and wants to get kept knowledgeable with regards to the development on the criticism.

Attention-grabbing issue, Yokel. I’ve accomplished some digging and I think you're referring to accredited persons whose powers can be found listed here:

Don’d blank out their confront, that is a community interestissue and these clowns usually do not ought to have the protection of anonymity to deal with their disgraceful conduct.

Alex was courteous adequate to explain on the police why he was using photographs, Even with provocation by council officials. Even so he was arrested for failing to offer ID – which he was correctly entitled to do so. Apart from the clear issue that id isn't going to demonstrate intent, it’s not a smart idea to provide the police more information than you have to. Checks such as this are logged on to power prison intelligence databases and may come back to haunt you later on. Alex is in fact Blessed that he’s not one of those harmless folks whose DNA and fingerprints at the moment are retained within the countrywide legal databases. I totally concur that folks mustn't make daily life challenging for the police finishing up their job.

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